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Convenience food expert
for the food industry.


Food partner for tailor-made
convenience solutions.

Your partner in food ingredients

Fatelli is a reliable partner for the food industry, focusing on flavour enriching ingredients. Every day, we supply our clients with Mediterranean products like olives and sun-dried tomatoes. We are a food partner that controls the entire chain, from grower to producer, making tailor-made recipes and packaging possible. Do you require tailor-made solutions for sourcing issues? That is also included in our field of expertise.

Sparring partner

Would you like to develop a new product or improve your current product? We will be happy to serve you! Our Fatelli team has had years of experience in product development for retail, foodservice and specialised retail trade. In addition, we have an extensive supplier network, both nationally and internationally. As a sparring partner, we constructively help you in finding solutions, with regard to the sourcing issues of your NPD department.

Food ingredients partner

Are you looking for specific (semi)fresh ingredients? We supply ingredients, semi-finished products and ready-to-use products to food processing companies and the foodservice. We go the extra mile when it comes to fulfilling your specific client wishes. If necessary, we will adapt our process to be able to provide customised products. In bulk, or packed proportionately for optimal user convenience.

Taste enrichers

Taste enrichers that give a bit extra to a salad, pizza or meal.

As a supplier of tasty products like sun-dried tomatoes, olives and tahini, we can say that flavour is in our genes. We are flavour makers in the food industry, due to the products we supply, as well as the way we interact with each other, our clients and suppliers.

Our work method

We match the right product with your demand to make products as tasty as possible.

We study the market of our clients and thus we can proactively respond to trends in the market. With an extensive supplier network, both domestically and abroad, we are capable of finding solutions for any of your ideas. We will use our know-how and experience to advise you about the most tasteful ingredient.

Chain control

We take care of the chain, we closely cooperate with our suppliers and are aware of the origin of our resources.

In collaboration with our partners, we ensure quality products, in time and of the right quantity. Our in-house transporter, Fatrans, also enables us to organise Just-in-Time deliveries.