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Field vegetable growers
who think off the shelve.


Carrot specialist at heart. Great in the growth and processing of organic carrots.

From sowing, to harvesting, processing and delivery

Delivering the whole year round the best carrots, cauliflower, kohlrabi and broccoli, that is what our cultivation colleagues do day in and day out. From small seed, to the supermarket shelves. Polderfresh cultivates, processes and trades, top quality field vegetables.

From Dutch soil

We are great in organic carrots. In the Noordoostpolder area, we cultivate, together with regional fellow-cultivators, carrots in all shapes and sizes – mainly organic – for the retails, but also the wholesale and processing industry. In our production facility, the carrots are washed, polished, sorted, and packaged in any desired size and then delivered by our transport colleagues to the customer. We also cultivate cauliflower and broccoli in several varieties. From the field, straight to our customers.

From Spanish soil

In the fertile soil of Andalusia, our Spanish colleagues grow on an acreage of 580 hectares, field vegetables of the best quality. From November to April, we grow several varieties of broccoli, cauliflower, kohlrabi and carrot. But we are not only growers, we also arrange the entire packaging and shipment process ourselves. Our products will find their way to European buyers in retail, the processing industry, and in the end, the consumer.

Short chain,
fresh product

Cultivation and processing of your products is completely customised. Together with you, we will sit down and discuss and map the range, the packaging and other specifications.

We also work with the best seed breeders and partners in the chain. And we all have one goal: to align the varieties that we grow with your requirements. But there is more. Because we are in full charge of the entire chain, from cultivation to shelf, you are ensured of an extremely fresh product. Each year, a large volume of vegetables is cultivated, harvested, processed, stored, traded, and distributed by our transport colleagues, this way. It cannot get any fresher than this.

Year-round top quality

All year round, we deliver large volumes of field vegetables of constant quality. Besides our own cultivation, we also collaborate with selected growers who we support with intensive cultivation support.

Products are chilled in our cold storage immediately after harvest and stay in conditioned areas until they reach the shelves. With our cultivation locations in Noordoostpolder in the Netherlands and in Spain, and our connections in the chain, we succeed to meet your demand throughout the year. Whether it involves a pallet per month, or a daily delivery, we always have the desired quantity you need.

Organic is organic.

It is very likely that the organic carrots you find in the shops, comes from us. Because carrots are the biggest specialty at cultivation and processing company Polderfresh.

Conventional, but especially organic. Besides our own cultivation, we work closely together with a group of steady contract growers of which we know they are experts in organic cultivation. From the first tillage to the harvest and later the processing, quality is securely checked by our specialists. For the processing of our organic products, we have a separate rinsing, sorting and packaging line with matching washing water facility. This way, there will be no cross-contamination with conventional products. Because with us, organic is truly organic. Naturally.

With three product lines for tray packaging. Polderfresh is the biggest in small packaging.


kilo carrots per year


hectares cultivation


pallets cauliflower per day from Spain

In collaboration with growers and buyers, we arrange for quality products, exactly on time and in the correct amount and the desired sorting.

Good food, good company

Want to grow something fantastic together? We are located in Maasdijk, Espel (the Netherlands) and in Spain. You are always welcome! Would you like to know more about our cultivation solutions? Then please contact Maarten Feenstra. Want to know more about our processing possibilities? Then please call Sjaak Fatels.

Maarten Feenstra (Cultivation)
Sjaak Fatels (Processing)