From supermarket to weekly market and
from food service operator to food manufacturer.

Work together

165 different food under one umbrella and quite a track record since 1956. Then you have specialist knowledge and loads of experience. Knowledge and experience that we like to put in use for our relations. From supermarket and processing company to specialty shop and restaurants and caterer. Like no other, we know what our customers need. And we create a solution for each challenge in the chain.


If there is one industry that is continuously subject to change, it is the retail industry. Food trends follow each other rapidly and product development takes place at a huge speed. From up-and-coming culinary influences from the Middle-East, with falafel, hummus and other flavourings, to a growing veggie range with beet burger and veggie balls.

Consumers increasingly choose for convenience. They want to be surprised, experience things, and they deliberate choice for a healthy diet. What you want is an inspiring and ever-changing range of products, tailored to this conscious consumer. We understand that. So, we like to be at your side when it comes to product innovations and we gratefully make use here of our many years of experience in category management. Our goal? To help customers with improving the efficiency of their fresh products shelves. How? By listening to the consumer together, then translate this in to concrete products and get them on the shelves as quickly as possible. From single products that come straight from the field, to culinary bites from our own production facility. We deliver quality, guarantee availability and we give you trust. From cultivation to logistics.


Delivery reliability is the key word in the processing industry. Not very surprising this often concerns compounded fresh foods.

Then each link in the process is essential. Our secured chains, certified production facilities and our logistics network, make sure that we can meet the most specific customer requirements. We make tailor-made products that correspond with specifications such as colour, taste, size, efficient packaging and quality. Our logistics network ensures that the fresh foods are delivered in time. We act fast and always come up with the best solution. That is why we can deliver beautiful (fresh) products to big and small food processing companies.

Food service

Chefs always want to present the best ingredients to their guests. And as food service and catering supplier, you want to supply the most tasteful ingredients. As fresh as possible and preferably straight from the source.

With our knowledge and experience, we know exactly what the professional kitchen is all about. And of course, we also understand that availability is important. That is why we work with carefully selected growers and always make sure that there is a wide range of products for our customers. From local produce to fragrant herbs and from forgotten vegetables to exotic fruit. All top quality.

Good food, good company

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