Good food,
good company.

Good food, good company, that’s what it’s all about with us. The Fatels Food Group consists of various food-related companies. All of them independent, but together unique. We are food professionals. We know what goes on from source to plate and offer unique solutions for that. Welcome in our world.

We are a food partner that manages the entire chain,
from sowing the field to customer supply.


Sow, harvest and process of field vegetables


Tasteful salad enrichers, convenience products and tailor-made food concepts


The widest range of fruit and vegetables, throughout the year


Conditioned transport of ultra-fresh products for retail and food service

We supply big retailers, the processing industry and the food service market at home and abroad. Ours specialists know about your world. They understand how crucial quality, speed and availability, are for your process and service.


Food professional in the retail industry. Not an easy job. Developments in this dynamic world go extremely fast. And we closely monitor it. We like to stand together when it comes to product innovations. Mutually listening to the consumer, translate this into concrete products, and then get them into the shops as quickly as possible.

The Fatels Way

Thinking fast and live up to what we promise. Down-to-earth, straight to the point and with little fuss.

Good food, good company

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Visiting address head office

Food Center Amsterdam
Centrale Groothandelsmarkt 165
1051 LJ Amsterdam
The Netherlands


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