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Presenting your products in a fresh and perfect condition to your customers, that is what we’re about. With all our disciplines. Throughout the chain, optimum food safety is guaranteed; the various certificates that we have ensure this.


IFS Food

Polderfresh Verwerking is certified for IFS Food Higher Level. IFS stands for International Food Standard, a quality management system for food processing companies. Each year, we are tested for food safety, quality and hygiene. What is tested are our treatment processes, our products and our staff.

Polderfresh Verwerking B.V.
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Organic quality mark

Our company is also SKAL certified. This means that you can be sure that our organic products are truly 100% organic.

Polderfresh Verwerking B.V.
Download SKAL BIO Certificate

IFS Broker

Fatelli is IFS Broker certified. This certification shows that we work with suitable suppliers and control the risks of purchased products, so that you can be sure of (food) safe products.

Fatelli B.V.
Download IFS Broker Foundation Level



IFS Broker

Dutch Green is also IFS Broker certified at Higher Level degree. As an importer, we work together with carefully selected growers, in relation to many of our products. Thanks to the short communication lines and full traceability, we are able to guarantee the quality and food safety of our products.

Dutch Green B.V.
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Organic certification

Furthermore, Dutch Green is also SKAL certified. This ensures you that our organic products are truly 100% organic.

Dutch Green B.V.
Download SKAL BIO Certificate


Rustenburg Groothandel is HACCP certified. HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points) is a preventive food safety system, aimed at identifying and making more manageable potential health and safety risks that go together with the purchase and sale and distribution of food.

Rustenburg Groothandel B.V.
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IFS Logistics

Fatrans is certified for IFS Logistics. The IFS Logistics standard closes the gap between production and retail and makes the safety and quality processes throughout the supply chain transparent and measurable. All our logistics activities, from order picking to storage and transshipment and from repackaging to transport, comply with this standard.

Fatrans Logistics B.V.
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Fatrans Zwaagdijk B.V.
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Fatrans Logistics B.V.
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